Zombies Eat Brains: ISD Custom Decal

Zombies Eat Brains: ISD Custom Decal

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Zombies Eat Brains

Our ISD Custom Designed Decals are:

  • Made of strong adhesive and can stick to clean solid smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, ceramics, metal, and more without falling off.  
  • Clear, Glossy Finish.
  • Water-Resistant, however, submersion for a long-time is not recommended, quick cleaning and rinsing is fine. 
  • Tear Resistant.
  • Be sure to clean and dry the surface you are using before applying.
  • Great alternative to Waterslides.
  • You choose from three available sizes. Size reflects the printed image. Image will be cut square or rectangular for shipping. We suggest trimming to the exact size you need.


  • Since decal is transparent it is not recommended to place on dark background.
  • The colour white on a design will appear transparent on final decal It does not print white, which means whatever background it is placed on will show through.
  • There could be some colour difference on the final product to what your monitor currently shows. Monitor settings and quality of monitors vary greatly.
  • It is recommended that your store any unused stickers/decals in a cool, dry place like plastic envelop/ baggy to avoid them coming into contact with moisture.
  • These designs are currently not for sale as digital files. They are only for sale as a physical product.